We shape and transform the outdoor living space Pergola Inc. re-designs outdoor living systems under the brand name of Pergola, which is the product of an lasting, aesthetic and minimalist effort that converts all seasons problems to solution through special systems, inspired the constructive, analytical and the universal energy of the art

Is there such a thing as a spring soul sensation in any season? Yes, and it’s much simpler than we may think with PERGOLA!

PERGOLA Inc. produces high-quality awning system branded as PERGOLA in Turkey with its aesthetic appearance and smartness in detail for your comfort in each season.

You will be protected from sun in as a sun curtain in summer with its special awning fabric, and from rain as a raincoat in rainy days with its retractable roof and waterproof awning fabric. The motorized awning system is designed to be easily opened and closed with its special tensioning system, automated, rail awning system and gives new perspectives on life.

As all seasons solution for spring lovers, PERGOLA’s fabric and the system keep elegance for many years. As Turkey’s leading manufacturer PERGOLA Inc. using the highest quality standards of pergola awning system, makes your open fields to aesthetic, environment-friendly, and easily retractable spaces.

PERGOLA Inc. offers the best way to take advantage of outdoor areas, such as garden, balcony and terrace by providing high protection against sun, rain and wind. With optional system of aluminum or wood construction you are able to find many models to fit your projects. Led lightning is also at your disposal according to your request. It is not far-fetched to add value to your place with its rich product range of PERGOLA.

With PERGOLA’s worldwide international cooperation and projects, our executive team is well-positioned to accelerate our global momentum. PERGOLA, Inc. engineers and architectures use recyclable products which minimize the damaging effects of the production to the environment, and continue their test work to accomplish this. We love aesthetic and our nature.

PERGOLA’s long-lasting projects in many countries and different regions increase worldwide strength. All seasons outdoor everywhere! It has always been, and will always be, about worldwide quality…


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