Puertas Proma, S.A. strives every day to be a leader in its chosen field. our mission is to use our experience in the sector, our constantly improving production facilities, and our wide and growing range of designs anf to combine this with a pursuit for quality, sustainability and a commitment to being environmentally friendly.


Certification for quality management system
AENOR product certificaction
The international certification network
AITIM seal of quality
PEFC certification for sustainable use of forest products
FSC certification


The environment is a constant point of importance for proma. attaching a significant value to our surroundings has given proma a responsibility to preserving the environment. Proma has developed a specialized environmental management system (sistema de gestión medioambiental) by performing assessments and analyses. proma is focused on protecting and preserving the environment while continuing to give the best quality and service to its customers.


Proma Doors continually seek innovation in our manufacturing processes and in our products. We adapt to new technologies and materials in order to remain at the forefront of our industry.

Our project “I+D Proma-Mat” has involved the developments of a new renovation plan in the area of new materials which will increase our capacity and ability to manage innovation.

This plan made significant improvements and new research projects which will establish and active I+D strategy, defining and evaluating priority areas for Proma innovation in coming years.

The Proma-mat project was supported by the programme of Aid for Innovation in Manufacture in Castilla La Mancha, co-financed by the European Fund for Regional Development.

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